Digital presence is not enough. A business can not expect to be found, just because they have a website, or a Facebook page, or a Twitter profile. All of these channels can actually work against promoting your business if you don’t have a strategy and execution plan in place to use it effectively and consistently.

The problem is time. How can a business who is focused on serving their customers have time for updating this content and sending it out regularly. The solution is to put the systems in place to automate lead generation, or outsource it. This means you can focus on the core product of the business and improving this for your customers.

5 steps to generate leads online for your business includes:

  • Use a landing page – there is a great selection of landing page software like Pagewiz, Unbounce or leadpages that helps you to create a page that focuses on selling your product or service. A landing page provides much more analytics to help you understand what is driving conversion.
  • Focus on the ‘why’ not the ‘what’ – Don’t just talk about what you do, sell the benefits of why people should buy your products and services and what you stand for.
  • Have a compelling call to action – Rather than ‘sign up’ or ‘contact us’ page, you want a call to action that is is easy to say yes to.
  • Sell less, help more – people don’t want to be sold to, they want to buy. Use content to help your customers and if they like what you have to say, they will take action.
  • Offer something for free – People are always looking for shortcuts and answers to their problem. Provide tips or something of value related to your brand in a pdf format that people can download when they submit their email address.

Don’t expect people to buy on the first visit. You want to establish a relationship and trust online. If you are successful in doing this and people see that you can help them, they will reach out.