Data & Analytics

Understand true performance with confidence in your data. Medium Marketing helps build the right foundations while delivering visual performance dashboards.

Data & Analytics

Understand the science that drives your business

Data defines performance, however getting the data right is challenging. There are multiple channels, each with their own attribution models which means you’re comparing apples with oranges. Medium brings sense to the data which leads to confident decisions.

Key components to Data & Analytics

We employ a wide range of data & analytics tools and techniques.

Implement Event Tracking

Event tracking records user interactions with website elements such as clicks on links, form submissions, or interactions with video content.

It is important to set this up accurately so we can understand user behavior and website effectiveness throughout their purchase process.

Performance Dashboards

There are a number of data visualisation platforms that help us to view performance on one screen. For example Google’s Looker Studio is free and one we often use for our clients.

Setting up the right metrics at the outset is key to help effectively evaluate performance.

Marketing Technology

Technology is critical to help drive efficiencies. Once we have the right foundations in place with an effective Data Schema, we can then integrate this into the marketing platforms we are using.

Having the right foundations means accurate segments for a better user experience which will ultimately lead to more engagement and sales.

Review User Data

User data refers to specific user properties such as age, gender, location, interests, purchase history, device usage, and browsing behavior.

These are crucial for segmenting audiences, personalising marketing efforts and more. 

Marketing Attribution

With the increasing regulations around data privacy, marketing attribution has to evolve to suit. Traditionally, we used last click, now we need to move to a data driven attribution model that treats each channel consistently.

We help to implement this model while also upskilling key stakeholders.

Why Medium?

Data Driven Marketing

We have a strength in working with marketing data, to drive personalised experiences for your customers.

Customer First Approach

We like to become our client’s customer to help us deliver a customer centric approach.

Business Owners

We have run our own businesses so understand the importance of spending to get a return.


We have managed marketing teams and multi-million dollar marketing budgets firsthand.

Our approach

Comprehensive Audit

Data & Analytics Audit

We’ll start with an assessment of your Digital properties which includes understanding your existing data schema and definitions.

Data Analysis

Build Data Schema

A data schema is a comprehensive view of performance which includes all behavourial data collection points that make up the user journey.

Growth Measurement

Define Measurement Plan

We build a tracking plan and event data schema to help with your specific needs. To view our measurement template, click below


What is the main purpose of data and analytics in marketing?

To use industry-leading tools and methods to transform raw data into valuable marketing insights. The goal of data & analytics is to learn about the performance of marketing so that you can drive continuous improvement of your marketing efforts. 

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4), is the latest version of Google Analytics which is an extremely powerful and insightful web analytics tool. It’s free and we can help to set this up to produce insights that will help understand your marketing performance. 

It can also be shared across multiple Google accounts, giving different people access to the information.

What metrics are the most important in marketing?

The answer to this question is on a case by case basis as each business and their objective is unique. There are numerous types of metrics that you can assess through tools like Google Analytics to understand how you are performing vs your objectives.

For example, marketing atrtibution is critical to understanding which channel performs the best. Google Analytics helps us understand which channel website traffic is coming from (for example organic search) and how this traffic is converting (eg into leads and sales).

Conversion metrics are incredibly valuable because they show how many people took action on your website. For instance, making an appointment for your services or ordering products.

To understand which metrics are most relevant for your business, get in touch for our free data audit.

How often should I check my performance data?

In all cases, it’s a good idea to check your analytics at least once a week to make sure the numbers are improving.

If your web presence is more established, you may want to review your data daily for a general assessment and to quickly respond to any swings in traffic that may occur.

What are the best tools to visualise my performance data?

In addition to Google Anlaytics, depending on the sophistication of your organisation – you may want to consider other platforms such as Tableau of Power BI to get a complete view of your marketing performance. These tools can be quite technical, so feel free to get in touch to help understand what platforms are best for you.

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