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Lead Generation

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To be successful in marketing, you need to generate leads. A lead is the contact information and sometimes demographic data for consumers who are interested in one specific product or service offered by your business.

Why is Lead Generation important?

Focusing on lead generation can help drive traffic from high-quality prospects. With these valuable customers comes a better chance of building visibility and credibility for your company in order to attract more potential clients who are interested.

Components of Lead Generation

We employ a wide range of Lead Generation tools and techniques to increase your prospects, customers and sales.

Google Ads

This is a must-have for any marketing campaign. It’s the most powerful ad campaign tool that will help you reach as many prospects as possible. We can set it up for global reach or to concentrate in your local market.

Paid Social

This is an effective marketing technique in which we display sponsored advertising content on third-party social networking platforms. We’ll set it up to target specific customers. Paid social will increase your marketing efficiency and capture new subsets of prospects.

Email Cold Outreach

Cold email outreach entails sending an email to a potential customer who doesn’t know you or your business. It’s typically used to promote content, add backlinks, or form a partnership with an influencer.

Organic Website Conversions

Organic conversions are rooted in traffic generated from search engines due to their relevance rather than paid advertising. We’ll analyse and track your organic conversion rate by using tools like Google Analytics. We’ll determine if your current efforts are actually working and then we’ll optimise it so that conversion rates increase.

Why Medium?

Data Driven Marketing

We have a strength in working with marketing data, to drive personalised experiences for your customers.

Customer First Approach

We like to become our client’s customer to help us deliver a customer-centric approach.

Business Owners

We have run our own businesses so understand the importance of spending to get a return.


We have managed marketing teams and multi-million dollar marketing budgets firsthand.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Analysis

We’ll assess the current state of the market and your objectives. For example, if awareness is your goal, we’ll likely use a paid social strategy. If increasing conversion rates is the focus, we would look at Google Ads.
Content Planning

Content Planning

We’ll set up planned content and initiate creative development based on data we collate. We’ll integrate high-ranking keywords and other SEO techniques to make sure the content will attract the maximum amount of audience and, more importantly, keep them engaged enough to increase conversion.
Growth Measurement

Start to Finish and Beyond

We won’t just stop after executing our strategies, we’ll continue to conduct measurements on performance and regular optimisation.


What are Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs)?

Marketing-qualified leads are leads that have engaged with your company’s branding and marketing campaign, but did not feel motivated enough to make a purchase. For example, they might have attended one of your webinars or downloaded a free eBook on how you can help them achieve their goals, but they have not committed financially yet such as purchasing a product in your online shop or subscribing to a service you offer.

What are Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs)?

Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are leads that have taken actions to indicate their desire, such as signing up for a trial or requesting an offer. Most businesses hand these over the sales team so they can be contacted and converted into customers!

Why should I generate leads instead of just buying them?

Generating leads is better than buying them because generated ones have expressed an interest in your product or service and can be contacted freely. That’s not always the case for bought prospects–they might belong to a relevant list but messages from you are unwanted, and it’s possible that these people aren’t familiar with who you are as a brand! Spamming bought leads with calls or emails could damage your reputation.

Is lead generation considered sales or marketing?

Lead generation occurs when marketing and sales work together to bring in new customers. This is a space where the two departments often overlap, with the marketing side working hard to generate lots of leads for future prospects and then relay this to the sales team. However, it’s important that the marketing team collect high-quality leads so that the sales team’s efforts are not wasted.

Should I focus on inbound or outbound leads?

It can be a tough decision on how much of your business process should be devoted to outbound or inbound lead generation. Although research shows that inbound marketing yields higher ROI and produces higher quality leads on average than outbound marketing, you may choose to maintain an outbound component in your strategy.

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