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Marketing Automation Services

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Marketing automation refers to software and online tools designed to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. An example would be an email marketing campaign that can trigger a “journey” such as being directed to a funnel page.

Why is Marketing Automation important?

Marketing Automation makes the process of turning marketing leads into sales leads, and eventually conversion. Marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

Components of Marketing Automation

We employ a wide range of Marketing Automation tools and techniques to increase your website’s traffic and simplify that process.

Email Marketing and User Journeys

An email journey is the use of automation to send out emails when your customer sets off specific triggers. We’ll set up a journey that targets subscribers exactly where they are and when they need the content you send.

Email Nurturing Sequences

We’ll set up a queued set of engaging emails that are sent to a prospect or lead from a marketing automation platform. This will be guided by a scheduled period of time after your prospects trigger the start of the sequence through specific actions.

Lead Capture and Validation

Although marketing techniques are sophisticated nowadays, it can generate some leads that have little or nothing to do with sales. We’ll employ lead validation to verify and score the quality of the leads you generate.

Automation Tools

At Medium Marketing, we use Active Campaign and Leadshook as our main automation tools.

Why Medium?

Data & Insights

We provide meaning to the numbers in the context of your strategy and business objectives.

Commercial Acumen

We have started and grown businesses ourselves.

Strategic Approach

We’ve delivered strategies for businesses across the globe that has helped clients to raise over $50 million in capital.


We have managed marketing teams and multi-million dollar marketing budgets firsthand.

Our Approach

Assessment & User Journey Mapping

Assessment & User Journey Mapping

We start with an assessment of your site and map out your current user journeys using Figma.
Growth Measurement


We work out the measurement strategy to understand how people are progressing through the funnel.


We execute, measure, learn then optimise to improve conversion rates.


What are some of the features of a marketing automation platform?

Each marketing automation tool is unique, but generally features include drip email campaigns, autoresponders, multi-channel marketing messages, sales enablement, social media marketing, lead tracking, lead management and scoring, CRM integration and content marketing are vital.

How is a marketing automation tool different from a CRM?

Marketing automation tools are not the same as CRM, but they complement each other. Marketing Automation was designed for marketers and business owners who want to automate their lead generation processes; while customer relationship management software is primarily meant as a sales tool in order to track contacts/leads across multiple channels such as Skype messages or social media posts, for example.

Is my business ready for Marketing Automation?

Yes! Especially if you observe a constant lead flow, as well as have a strategy for lead generation and business development. Additionally, if you have resources to realise your goals and deliver content on a regular basis, your business is ready for marketing automation.

Does Marketing Automation make sense for a small business in a niche market?

Yes, of course! Marketing Automation will free you from the burden of repetitive manual tasks to give you time for creative and conceptual work. Automating your marketing campaigns will also lay the foundation for your company’s future development.

I already have Google Analytics. Do I really need more data?

Yes, you do! Google Analytics offers a macro perspective, useful for measuring campaign efficiency or website optimisation. On the other hand, Marketing automation analytics provides micro insights, such as the behaviour of particular customers, and can be automatically applied to marketing actions.

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