Fractional CMO

Benefit from an experienced, Strategic Head of Marketing to deliver a your strategic marketing plan and manage accelerated execution.

Marketing Strategy

Strategic marketing rapid execution

Failing to plan, is planning to fail which is why we start with strategy with targets before moving to deliver with execution from our team of marketing specialists.

Why choose a Fractional CMO?

Simply put to get experienced marketing strategic direction with more investment in executing the strategy.

Traditionally, businesses hire a head of marketing which can be a $150k to $250k annual salary. In addition to this, the business will need to invest in advertising and execution which may mean hiring a marketing agency.

With a Fractional CMO, you are getting a part-time head of marketing at a fraction of the cost, which means you have more budget to invest in execution.

With other marketing agencies you get access to a team of specialists, however your account manager is often inexperienced. With Medium Marketing, your account manager is someone that has managed marketing functions, while having the commercial acumen to deliver data driven outcomes. 

Components of Marketing Strategy

Where are you now?

This is the phase in the marketing strategy where you ask yourself some very important questions:

  • What market are you really in?
  • Who’s your competition?
  • How do you stand out from the competition?
  • Who’s your customer base?

Why are you in business?

Clearly define your purpose, your culture and the values that drive your business.

Where do you want to get to by what time?

Set up realistic objectives and determine the key results that will reach those objectives. Through methodologies like Agile and other project management best practices, we’ll make sure that your objectives are accomplished on time, if not earlier.

How do you get there?

Creating a well-rounded strategy will get you to where you want to go.

We’ll develop, implement, and test various tactics especially for your project.

How do you define success?

Measurement and KPIs will allow you to see your progress towards your goals.
Components Marketing Strategy

What Business are you really in? Who's your competition?

Become a Brand Leader

How do you become brand leaders in this market?

Our Approach

Deeply Understand your Business

We dive deep to understand your business, brand identity and culture. We won’t just look under the hood – we speak to your customers. In many cases, we become your customer.

Data & Analytics

The key to any successful strategy is the data and analytics. This takes time to set up the data that measures the specific activities that drives success.

Strategic Plan with Targets

Successful marketing starts with strategy and that’s where we start with your business. This includes setting targets based on assumptions so we know where the end goal is.

Rapid Execution

Our rapid execution plan delivered by our team of marketing specialsits helps you move at pace. As our clients grow to trust the quaility of our work, we are empowered to move faster.

Why Medium?

Data & Insights

We provide meaning to the numbers in the context of your strategy and business objectives.

Commercial Acumen

We have started and grown businesses ourselves.

Strategic Approach

We’ve delivered strategies for businesses across the globe that has helped clients to raise over $50 million in capital.

Senior Strategic Account Managers

Your account manager is someone that has managed marketing teams and budgets.


What is a marketing plan and why is it important?

A marketing plan defines marketing strategy for your business and contains a list of action to implement those strategic if you boil it down to its essence, marketing is about finding prospects and turning them into customers for your business. Marketing plan is the biggest process that delivers for the bottom line.

How do I start a marketing plan?

One of the first steps is to define your business objectives. Then, define your current situation in terms of marketing. Afterwards, clearly state your marketing strategies, specific tactics and plans. Once that’s in order, set the budget and operational activities with the help of a marketing specialist.

What’s a good marketing plan for small businesses?

Each small business is unique, so it’s best to let a marketing specialist conduct analysis and create strategies that are custom fit for your goals. Having said that, here are a few general tips:

  • Create a Google My Business and Bing My Business directory listing for free.
  • Create a website featuring your products and services.
  • Use social media to share your website content.
  • List your website in your industry directories.
  • Use email newsletters to improve lifetime value from your customers.

How do I know if my current marketing plan is adding value or if I need to re-strategise?

First, determine the cost of marketing for each new customer you bring in. Remember that conversion rate is the percent of prospects that become customers. Work out the lifelong revenue per client. This way, you’ll get an idea if your current marketing is profitable or if it’s time to adjust.

What’s an example of data driven marketing?

The performance of your marketing efforts can be tracked using tools like Google Analytics. FIrst, determine where your prospects came from and what search term they used to get to your website. Use tools like Ahrefts to determine the most competitive keywords and search phrases. You can also add negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant segments. Then, see which ad campaigns work best by conducting A/B testing. Also, determine which search terms are cheapest for a click. Use this data to get maximum return on investment from your marketing.

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