Generating Online Sales

Driving Results for Yering Meadows (no pun intended)


There are a number of golf courses in the Yarra Valley with many of them are facing a decline in membership and increasing costs. Yering Meadows rarely utilised digital as a medium to grow their business, instead opted for more traditional channels. The brief to Medium Marketing was to drive growth in revenue and build a database of prospects that they can re-target with promotional offers.

  • Grow Revenue through Online
  • Create and grow a database of golfers
  • Save time on calls to Pro Shop to book a round of golf



Research was conducted with their member base to understand the profile of current members and perceptions towards the course. This acted as the backbone of the strategic roadmap that Medium Marketing was responsible for executing on. Medium Marketing managed the execution of all campaigns and optimised performance while helping the club to learn which marketing channels provided the best return for their investment.


  • Better Understanding of their Members and Prospects
  • Advertising through channels such as Facebook and Google
  • Update of Website to drive Conversions
  • Website Re-Design 70% 70%
  • Paid Media to drive Revenue 98% 98%
  • Research to Drive Strategy 65% 65%
  • Reporting and Optimisation to Drive Results 87% 87%


In the first 6 months Medium Marketing generated over $20k in incremental revenue to Yering Meadows through memberships and green fee players. This delivered an ROI of greater than 200% and provided systems to helped to grow their digital presence and engagement with current members.

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“Medium Marketing helped us to grow from no revenue online to over $5,000 in online sales each month.. we were impressed.”




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