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Australian Pressure Vessel Heads

Australian Pressure Vessel Heads is Australia’s leading manufacturer of Dished Ends for use in the fabrication of pressure vessels, storage tanks and process vessels. Their clients include companies in the petrochemical, chemical, power, water treatment, food and offshore industries. APV Heads has more than 60 years of experience and offers products of the highest quality. APV Heads reached out to Medium Marketing to increase their brand awareness, particularly online where they almost had no presence.

Memories SEO

Key Achievements

Sales Figures

We helped them to drive record sales.

Increased Rate

Increased conversion rate of their website.

SEO Performance

Improved rankings with SEO focused content.

Customer Challenge

Drive more traffic to their websites as they had a minimal online presence.

Convert the new traffic into sales. 

Drive customer acquisition through organic and paid channels like Google Ads.

Improve the website content, particularly product and service descriptions.

Improve search engine ranking by implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

Memories SEO and Leads

Medium Marketing Solution


Successfully obtained high-quality leads on social media using impactful creatives.


Executed an SEO strategy which covered technical SEO, backlinks, content and improved website UX. 


Established and launched a regular email marketing strategy to engage their database.


Managed and optimised Google Ads to drive leads, quotes and ultimately sales.


Created high-quality content for their email marketing campaigns (see example attached).



#1 ranks for keywords relating to “Dished Ends” driving organic traffic, quotes and growth in sales. 


Grew sales by 311% in 3 years. 


Implemented Zoho CRM for the client including a process for data capture and reporting. 


Worked with client to launch Dished Ends International as a secondary brand to compete against businesses that were importing lower quality products from China.


Turned the business around to drive a profit which allowed the business to upgrade their facilities. 

Memories Lead Generation

Client Testimonial

Star rating

Medium Marketing is passionate, committed and has achieved exceptional results for our business. Highly recommend Medium Marketing.

Ange Marinakis

CEO, APV Heads

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