eCommerce Marketing

Grow sales for your online store with  SEO and Paid Media to grow awareness with new target audiences. Engage using marketing automation to drive long-term success.

eCommerce Marketing

Grow sales across organic and paid media channels

eCommerce marketing is a holistic approach to driving traffic, converting that visitor into paying customers and retaining them post-purchase. The tactics you use on your website are just one piece in an ongoing puzzle for successful eCommerce success!

Why is eCommerce Marketing important?

eCommerce has given the world so many opportunities for businesses, from increasing their product ranges to generating more sales and even offering customers a convenient service that will add value to your business.

Components of eCommerce Marketing

We employ a wide range of eCommerce Marketing tools and techniques to increase traffic, grow your customers base and improve sales.


It’s important to deeply understand the initial user journeys and conversions rates.


Come up with strategies to drive more online sales. We’ll test paid vs. organic marketing strategies and implement the best option for your business.

Optimising Content

You want to ensure that the website copy is optimised for conversion.

Website Optimisation and User Experience

Website optimisation and user experience involve designing and improving the website to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.

Why Medium?

Data Driven Marketing

We have a strength in working with marketing data, to drive personalised experiences for your customers.

Customer First Approach

We like to become our client’s customer to help us deliver a customer centric approach.

Business Owners

We have run our own businesses so understand the importance of spending to get a return.


We have managed marketing teams and multi-million dollar marketing budgets firsthand.

Our approach

Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Analysis

We’ll assess the current state of the market and your objectives. For example, if awareness is your goal, we’ll likely use a paid social strategy. If increasing conversion rates is the focus, we would look at Google Ads.
Content Planning

Content Planning

We’ll set up planned content and initiate creative development based on data we collate. We’ll integrate high-ranking keywords and other SEO techniques to make sure the content will attract the maximum amount of audience and, more importantly, keep them engaged enough to increase conversion.
Growth Measurement

Start to Finish and Beyond

We won’t just stop after executing our strategies, we’ll continue to conduct measurements on performance and regular optimisation.


What are Pay-per-click (PPC) ads?

The pay-per click model is an internet advertising scheme in which the advertiser pays a publisher when their ad gets clicked. The most well-known example are Google Ads campaigns which appear at the top of search engine results.

What are Display ads?

These include Banner ads that appear on websites, apps and any other platform where banners could be placed.

What are Product Listing ads?

The best example of product listing ads are Google Shopping Ads which appear within the search engine results.

What are some popular tools for social media ads?

Facebook Ads, now known as Facebook Pixel, which typically involves creating a Facebook page for your business. You can add posts, stories, photos, videos, and a shop.

Instagram Ads are some of the most powerful and effective platforms for advertising because of the large user base and because it’s visual-centric which is the most captivating form of media.

YouTube Ads are an extension of Google Ads which can target users based on keywords.

What are some examples of different types of eCommerce marketing?

● Social media marketing
● Content marketing
● Search engine marketing
● Email marketing
● Influencer marketing
● Affiliate marketing
● Local marketing

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